‘Diversions’ is a suite in three movements for two recorders (or flutes) and piano.

The movements are:     ‘Helen’s Rhumba’, ‘Susan’s Lullaby’ and ‘Danza’

It was published in 1971, specifically for students at the Ethel Wormald College in Liverpool which, when I joined it, was a brand new college specifically for mature students. 

’Diversions’ followed on from some  success with an earlier suite for the same combination called ‘Intermission’.  This was written in 1966 because I’d started a recorder group in the college but, at that time, the department hadn’t  yet been allocated any money to buy music!  I’ll put this on site later.

‘First movement: Helen’s Rhumba’, is dedicated to my elder daughter.

The second, called ‘Lullaby for Susan’, and was in fact written at about the same time my younger daughter was being born.   She’s now also married with two children!

The final movement is called ‘Danza’ - I can’t think why!

Both ‘Diversions’, and the earlier ’Intermission’, suites have been used as festival, concert or exam pieces.  If you are interested in this please make contact - copyrights are now mine.

‘The Virgin’s Cradle Song’ & ‘Herrick’s Carol’ and ‘Nativity Carol’ are  Christmas songs for soprano and piano

‘Ruben’s Song’ for boy soprano and flute obligato.  It’s taken from my operetta ‘The Story of the Fourth Wise Man’

‘Prelude’ and ‘Lament’ - for solo classical guitar

‘Three Proverbs’ are for piano solo

‘Five Songs from Alice in Wonderland’ were specifically written for the children at a primary school in London

‘I’m Going Home’ was a finalist in the Castlebar Song Contest, Ireland in 1976.  It seemed an appropriate subject given my Irish ancestors, but the only winners were Irish!  Was used in the musical ‘Up For It!’

‘The Early Years’ is one of very many songs written in the 1970s mostly in collaboration with lyricists.  Was used in the musical ‘That Terrible U3A’.

‘Poems for Bedtime’ is a collection of silly rhymes written for my grandchildren.

Benjamin Thomas’ Book (1847) - a personal notebook of recipes and remedies.  Benjamin’s picture can be seen in the Photo Gallery together with his wife Mary Ann Perkins Thomas who was yet another centenarian in the family.

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